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Passing Place

The builder of this bridge thought of everything this handy place for pedestrians is not used that much today as the traffic is diverted.

Added: 21st January 2016

Wool Bridge and Manor

This historic bridge at Wool is no longer the main route and so is often overlooked but it is a very pretty spot.

Added: 21st January 2016

More Beach Huts

There is a lot of gorgeous golden sand at Bournemouth which of course makes it very popular. Beach huts are littered along the edge of the main beaches on this fabulous bit of the coast.

Added: 30th November 2015

Gold Hill Houses

The views of the people who live in the houses on Gold Hill must be mind boggling.

Added: 30th November 2015

Setting Sun

Just beside the pier at Swanage are these wooden posts stretching out to sea. The area is very popular with divers and we spotted several snorkels and bubbles.

Added: 9th November 2015

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