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Rock with the Hole

the name Durdel is derived from the old English word thyrel or thirl which literally means holed. The initials th are pronounced as a d in the Dorset dialect.

Added: 27th January 2013

On the Beach

It is a long way down to the beach but on the day that we visited everyone was out enjoying the sunshine and many brave souls made the trek all the way down to the sand. It is a good thing that there ......

Added: 27th January 2013

Rock Arch

This amazing rock arch must be one of the most photographed places in Dorset but it was such a gorgeous day we had no hesitation in taking more shots. This one is taken from farther along the coast an......

Added: 15th December 2012

The Door Arch and Beach

It is a long walk down to the Durdle Door and quite a trek after that to get to the beach but it is worth it. The views and the fine sand and good swimming all added to by the pleasure of seeing this ......

Added: 15th December 2012

Durdle Door

Looking back towards Durdle Door from the footpath.

Added: 14th October 2006

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