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Looking Across the Beach

We walked to the far end of Bowleaze cove and took photograph looking back across the beach and onto Weymouth. Even if the weather is not as good as this day we often stop at Bowleaze on the way back......

Added: 15th December 2012

September at Bowleaze

This photograph was taken in September when after weeks of rain we did get nearly three weeks of glorious weather. It was a great pity that the school children were back at school during this good per......

Added: 15th December 2012

Views to Weymouth

Bowleaze Cove itself is very pretty and it provides great views over Weymouth. If you like walking, just to the west is Furzy Cliff and from there is a coastal cliff walk that passes the Broadrock cli......

Added: 24th November 2012

Pier at Bowleaze

We love Bowleaze Cove and often come here to eat our sandwiches. It is very close to Weymouth and yet has a completely different atmosphere. We are not the only ones who like this place n 1816, John ......

Added: 24th November 2012

Weymouth Bay

From the hill above Bowleaze cove the view across to Weymouth and Portland is stunning. We like to take our binoculars to this point and pick out the various land marks.

Added: 21st August 2008

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