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By the Bridge

There has been so much rain that the river at Wool was a lot bigger than usual and we did not dare go down onto the boggy grass to get a photograph.

Added: 19th February 2016

Passing Place

The builder of this bridge thought of everything this handy place for pedestrians is not used that much today as the traffic is diverted.

Added: 21st January 2016

Wool Bridge and Manor

This historic bridge at Wool is no longer the main route and so is often overlooked but it is a very pretty spot.

Added: 21st January 2016

Tranquil River

Wool is one those places that you tend to drive through and not appreciate the scenery around you. It is well worth stopping and taking a look around.

Added: 28th December 2015

The Bridge at Wool

he road across the Wool Bridge is no longer used for vehicular traffic but we saw quite a few bicycles cross and several of them stopped to look at the view from the bridge. We had to wait for them to......

Added: 9th November 2015

About Wool Dorset.

More information on Wool will be made available soon...

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